Womens 3 biggest dating mistakes

Playing Hard to Get

Also known as over shakara. This attracts men who love to chase. The problem is his goal is to win a prize. He might go after someone else after he gets what he wants. Guys looking to settle down are looking for someone who is also interested in the same thing. This doesn’t mean you should look pressed or thirsty but don’t pretend that your not interested in someone that you are interested in.

Not Staying Focused

You can’t juggle 5 or 6 suiters at one time. You can’t put your girl friends over a serious guy friend. Its hard to flourish in a serious relationship if you aren’t giving your relationship enough attention. Take one person seriously at a time. You need to make a certain level of commitment in the relationship. Guys know what they want right away. If the relationship doesn’t pick up after a month or two more than likely the relationship won’t advance. You need to use those first few months to remain focused.

Having Sex Before your in a relationship

He will have a lot more respect for you if you wait until your in a relationship before having sex. Waiting until marriage is even better. Not saying that this is always true but many times the guy will leave if he “chops” before he’s actually in a relationship. Maybe not necessarily exclusivity but at least it should be known that you are serious about each other. You don’t want to fall into the friends with benefits situationship. You might end up continuously having sex with him trying to please him so that he will eventually make you his girlfriend. If for some reason you have sex with him before getting into a relationship be sure to have a conversation with him about getting serious as soon as possible

What other dating mistakes do you know of?

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