£75k to Give Birth


Mizuguchi Hospital in Japan offers one of the most luxurious birthing suites in the world. Expectant moms are offered the ‘Elisabeth Plan’ in the room so new parents can experience childbirth in the style of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, the nineteenth-century monarch coronated at the age of 17. A six-day stay costs a whopping £75,000. Talk about luxury!


Doctors are on hand to give medicine to stop your milk from coming in and a nursery will look after your baby around the clock – at £1,200 a night! They also offer packages that include haircare, skincare and make-up during the whole stay – and even a limousine service.


Chief executive Janene Madden, who runs a staff of 434, stated:

“I have seen somebody spend £500,000.
“We have princesses from the middle east who deliver here quite regularly. We have celebrities and individuals of very high net worth and they used to getting what they want. And if they want 10 additional rooms or 20 additional rooms we will provide it.
As long as that woman or husband can pay for what they are requesting we will do our best to provide that.”

Tokyos-luxurious-birthing-suite-3There are levels to giving birth! Would you be willing to spend this kind of money? Leave a comment

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