I ran across this dilemma on Twitter and decided to add my two cents. The question is if your father gives you 7 million for your wedding and your fiancé requests that you use the funds for his masters what would you do. IMO you have to use the money towards the wedding because it was given to you for a wedding. Also if your husband to be does not have his career in order maybe he shouldn’t be getting married. You might be able to skim here and there and give your guy a portion of the money but thats about it. The bulk of the money would have to be spent on the wedding.

Its always good to help your man when and where you can but in this case I don’t think there is much wiggle room. If you use all the money for his masters what excuse will you give your family? After all the day of the wedding your father will be the one asking you why there isn’t enough food and drinks.

What would you do? Leave a comment

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