Don’t be an accidental side chick!  Don’t forget your safeguards! A lot of ladies of today get into relationships based on face value. They look at a guy and think  he seems like a catch tall, dark, handsome, beard gang, good job etc etc etc. But then they are surprised when he turns out to be a “Yoruba Demon”!road-sign-464651__180

Before they know whats going on they are a side chick for a guy that they originally wanted to be a serious boyfriend or even one day a husband. This kind of situation can be avoided by doing some simple vetting before getting serious about the relationship. Don’t worry if anyone will think your a stalker! You have to look out for your own interest.

Some things you can check:

  1. Googling the guy2
  2. Checking his Facebook
  3. Checking his Instagram
  4. Talking to mutual friends about him

Some things to look out in a new catch:

  1. He doesn’t pick up his phone after 9pm (Married or lives with his girl)
  2.  Doesn’t take you anywhere public
  3. Doesn’t introduce you to friends
  4. Doesn’t introduce you to family after sometime

Do you agree on doing some research before getting into a serious relationship with a guy? Leave a comment

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