If you remember some time ago we reported in on Pastor Aeboye’s statements concerning me and how they should pick a wife. (Read more here) Well Ghanaian singer Lola Rae has some words for the Pastor!  She stated:

“Yes, I was brought up in a home where my mum cooked for my dad every single day, but she was a housewife.lola-rae-milan-amsterdam-650x400

“My thought is if you have the time, it is okay to cook for your husband, but in a situation where you are a career woman and don’t have the time to cook, there are ways you can go about it.

“You can hire someone to do the cooking for you or cook in bulk on weekends and store in the freezer.

“Definitely, if I have the time, I will cook because I love to do so. If God allows me and gives me the time do that, I will cook every day.

“I’m a born again Christian but I think it is his (Pastor Adeboye) opinion and he is entitled to it and if that’s what he feels like the Lord is telling him, then that’s his own message but if there are other people who feel they don’t want their wives to do that and want their wives to support them and that’s what they feel it is their story, then that should happen. I feel that’s his opinion,” the 25-year-old added.

In my opinion its true wives no longer cook for their husbands everyday.  Especially abroad. But this is the trade off for the “independent woman movement.” Its almost impossible to work 40 – 50 hours a week,  come home everyday clean the house, take care of the children, pray for an hour,  and cook. You will wear yourself out.

That is the reason why gender roles were so clear in the past. Women are now looking for other ways to go about their “duties.” Nanny, maids, and buying food outside are the most common methods. If you have time to do these things by all means do it! However, if you don’t have the time you have to look for help outside. Don’t kill yourself. Times and traditions are changing and we should all try and evolve.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should women still cook everyday? Leave a comment

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  1. I agree if you have the time to cook everyday by all means go ahead, but if it gets too overwhelming, definitely find other ways. My mom use to work in corporate america before she retired. She would wake up every morning at 5am, and come home at 6pm, but still managed to cook almost everyday. On Fridays we would order pizza ( looking back now, it must have been a way of giving her a break), and on the weekends my dad would cook breakfast. Anyway my mom loved to cook, but she would give herself a break from time to time so that it did not get to overwhelming for her, and the fact that my dad pitched in once in awhile made things even more easier.


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