I ran across this post over at Laila’s Blog and decided to comment. It reminded me about my previous post about the “valueless cookie”.

This is not a matter of a stingy boyfriend changing. This is a situation where the man doesn’t have any good intentions or respect for you. The young lady that is clearly in need of guidance and self evaluation. The lady states in her post that she has been seeing a guy for 9 years and in that time he hasn’t gifted or spent more than 15k naira on her. That is less than $50.00.

After reading this I felt very sad for this young lady. Does she not have any friends to advise her? Money is not everything. But even if you are not in a romantic relationship more than $50 will be exchanged in almost a decade. Even regular friends will buy each other birthday gifts, take each other for lunch etc etc. She has been seeing this person romantically and allowed him to become stingy with something as simple as food?

The guy is clearly using her as a space filler between relationships. He was even engaged to someone else. But yet even with all of this she is still seeking advice on wether or not she should take him back. This is a clear example that if you sell yourself cheap there are people out there that will continue to use and abuse you.

What are you thoughts on the matter? Should she give him a chance?Can he change his cheap ways?  Leave your comment below








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