Holidays, birthdays, and special occasions are always great. Apart from being able to spend time with your loved ones and significant other one of things that make the day special is receiving gifts! But what happens when your loved one gives awful presents?

Some people truly put effort into the gifts that they give people gift-553150_960_720but no matter how hard they try they don’t seem to get it right. In my opinion the only way to solve this type of situation is to tackle to problem head on. Do not beat around the bush because the person might not understand and you will be stuck in the situation. However, you can’t be harsh or mean because at the end of the day it is a gift and you should still be appreciative.
To remedy the situation you can offer the person some choices of what you like. For example if Christmas is coming up you can tell your significant other you would like gold earrings, a vacuum cleaner, or a new jacket. That way the person can still surprise you because you don’t know exactly what they will be purchasing. You can also avoid getting that odd gift that you will never use.

How would you handle a bad gift giver? Leave a comment

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