We recently came across the topic of wills on an episode of moments.  During this episode the ladies discussed their thoughts on wether or not husbands should leave a will to their rose-1166376_960_720wives and wether it should be discussed. In my opinion this is necessary and the only responsible thing to do. Especially if you have children.

Without a proper written will there is no way for anyone to know how the husband wanted his assets shared before he passed. This is how you hear horror stories of how other family members came in and left the wife with no money. But why is the subject so taboo in the African community?

We all know that unfortunately one day or another our souls will leave this Earth. So why is it so hard for African to discuss the topic of wills? You don’t need to be 50 before you start planning. Do you think Beyonce and Jay-z haven’t discussed how their assets will be split? That would be irresponsible. So why do Africans feel they should be different?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave a comment

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