Theres a rule amongst women that after 3 years of dating the man must propose. I’m here to tell you that the 3 year rule is rubbish! People feel that if he does not propose after this time period he may not be serious about the relationship. Even though this is one sign that he may be unserious it is not the only thing you should look for before thinking about before leaving your man!

stamp-114438__180For example, my husband and I were dating upwards of 4 years before he proposed. When we first started dating we were college sweethearts. Neither of us were in a financial position to get married. Talk less of paying for a wedding or starting a family. After college my husband still wanted to be more stable, work, and save, before proposing.

There is no race to the finish line when it comes to getting married. You have to decide your own timeline. There are too many different scenarios to use statics to determine your outcome. Weigh the pros and cons and then make your choice.

Do not let pressure from friends and family make you chose to end the relationship. If he is a good honest man that has the right intentions for you, you will feel it. Some of my friend even began to ask me questions and make jokes about it. But I was the one in the relationship and I was the one living in my life. Who wants to get married to a man that isn’t ready? Isn’t that a recipe for disaster ?

There are many reasons why a man might hold off on proposing after a long period of time. Some of them include:

fear-198933__1801 Separated but not divorced from a previous marriage. This excuse is tricky but it happens. If your boyfriend and his wife have a lot of assets the divorce can take a very long time.

2. Spent most of the time in a long distance relationship. Just recently moving close to you.

3. Not financially ready.
4. Husband is still in school/ completing residency for medicine

5. You meet him at a young age i.e. : high school sweethearts

Some reasons you should NOT accept are:

  1. He isn’t ready to leave the bachelor lifestyle
  2. He is still getting to know you
  3. He wants to make sure you are the one
  4. He is afraid because his own parents divorced

What are your thoughts on proposal after 3 years. Is it by force? Leave a comment




  1. I don’t think there’s a finite number of years in which a man needs to propose. However I think his intentions should be known way before 3 years in. It doesn’t take that long to know whether or not your willing to commit to someone. The only exception are younger men , I guess I would say younger than 28, because they’re still figuring themselves out talk less of someone else.


    1. Yes very true you should for sure know is intentions. But there shouldn’t be a deadline for proposal


  2. I agree it took mine 6 years lol. But just like you guys said we started young, the intentions were known well before the time, and he wanted to make sure he was stable before he made the next step. You can’t let others aka enemies of progress to fill your mind with doubts and potentially ruin your future happiness.


    1. I get so frustrated when I hear people bring up this rule. Like there are so many reasons why someone might not propose after 3 years.


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