Many parents in our community are faced with the tasks of trying their best to manage sickle cell disease in their children. Prevention is always better than cure. So try to make sure to follow as many of these guidelines as possible. T According to Some ways to prevent sickle cell crisis include:

  • homeless-844215__180Take vitamins and minerals as directed. Folic acid can help prevent blood vessel problems that can come with sickle cell anemia. Zinc may decrease how often you have pain.
  • Drink liquids as directed. Dehydration can increase your risk for a sick cell crisis. Ask how much liquid to drink each day and which liquids are best for you.
  • Balance rest and exercise. Rest during a sickle cell crisis. Over time, increase your activity to a moderate amount. Exercise regularly. Avoid exercise or activities that can cause injury, such as football. Ask about the best exercise plan for you.
  • Stay out of the cold. Do not go quickly from a warm place to a cold place. Do not go swimming in cold water. Stay warm in the winter.
  • Ask about vaccinations you need. Vaccinations can help prevent a viral infection that may lead to a sickle cell crisis. Get a flu shot every year as directed. You may need pneumonia vaccines every 5 years.

There are also some other  non conventional ways to prevent crisis and calm the pain. This includes:

Getting fresh air. When your child begins to complain of the pain if it is warm outside let them sit outside for sometime. This will increase the level of oxygen in the blood and may reduce the painabstract-971441__180

Warm water bottle. Warmth is said to have a calming affect on sickle sell crisis. Attempt to warm the are the child is feeling pain by using a warmed water bottle.  Massage the area in a circular motion. Do not use heating pads on children

Take a warm shower. Taking a shower will increase blood flow which may stop the pain or at least relive it momentarily.

Use Aleve rather than Tylenol. If you are using over the counter drugs try and use Aleve instead of Tylenol. It is said to have a stronger effect on sickle cell pain.

Bed Rest. As with any other sickness resting can help

Drink water. The child should be kept hydrated

Keep Warm.  Cold weather and temperature can make the situation worse  

Do you know any other ways to prevent sickle cell crisis in children? Please leave a comment

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