According to the  Sunday Scoop, when Uche was asked how it feels being married to a man who lives in America, she said the feeling was not weird  because she never dated any men that lived in Nigeria. According to Uche:Untitled-12

“Before I got married, I had always dated people who lived outside Nigeria. As a result, being married to someone who lives abroad does not seem bizarre. I didn’t plan to marry  someone who lives abroad. Rather, it just happened.”

She  continued on by advising women not to be pressurized into getting married.

“Marry because you know this is what you want to do once in your lifetime. You have to be married to someone you can do everything with. Don’t marry because people say it is time to get someone. Get married for yourself. The pressure today will not be worth the ache tomorrow.”

What are your thoughts on long distance marriages? Leave your comment


  1. I think if their has to be distance due to education, or maybe only one spouse won the visa lottery to the states, than that’s fine because its temporary. But other that I think if you’re married its important to be together, and to make compromises to ensure that being apart while married is kept to a minimum or avoided.


    1. Unfortunately, I think there is an underlying reason they aren’t together. It just seems really convenient lol. After all its husband and wife not boyfriend and girlfriend you are meant to find a way to be together eventually.


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