The First Lady of Nigeria,  Aisha Buhari , says she decided to sue Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose because he was always insulting her! She claims that the governor is constantly  making false allegations against her. The first lady said this in an interview with Hausa service of the Voice of America yesterday:

aisha55“At the time, he was not the only one insulting us, but people felt that it
was just campaign. After the election, which we won and they lost, everyone else moved on except him and he extended his insults to me. I did not run for president.
I am a married woman and I have never called his name. I never knew him. But as governor and chief executive, he kept insulting and raising false allegations against me, I have to respond and I decided to go to court. He made allegations over what he said I did here in the US, even though I have never met the people he mentioned.”

What a scandal! Mrs Buhari  filed a lawsuit against Fayose over his claim that she was involved in the Halliburton corruption scandal. What are your thoughts on the matter? Is she right for suing him or is this typical political pettiness? Leave your comment

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