Hello Loves,

I just ran across this weeks episode of Toke Moments and I wanted to add my own thoughts. During this episode Toke adds her #askToke series. There is one particular fan named “Vanessa” she has been dating a guy for three years. They are intimate but do not use condoms. One day as she was helping the guy  tidy up his place she found a box of opened condoms by his bedside. She then decided to take the time to write Toke a letter to see if Toke thinks her man is cheating.

road-sign-464651__180How sad! As a young woman you really want to have faith in your man but sometimes the signs are just there! Firstly, why are you still calling yourself a girlfriend after three years? Shouldn’t you have moved on to finance by then? And even with that you still chose to stay with the guy having unprotected sex? My dear the warning signs are there. Please don’t waste your youth! Don’t be afraid to leave a cheater you can do better!

Here are some more signs that your man might be cheating:

  1. Overly secretive about his cell phone or social networking
  2. Starts staying very late at work
  3. Starts using new slangs and eating different types of food
  4. Suddenly becomes very worried about his appearance
  5. Finding long hairs that are not your color or texture
  6. Finding women’s undergarments or jewelry in his home, car, or office
  7. He suddenly isn’t interested in sex with you
  8. He randomly accuses you of cheating
  9. He has sudden mood swings, becomes distant, picks arguments
  10. He keeps only certain phone calls private, takes calls at odd hours of the night

What are some signs of cheating you’ve heard of ? Please comment and share


Mrs Ofoegbu

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