Hey Loves,

I recently ran across this topic at Wives Connection and I had to add my two cents. I hate the whole notion that women can’t have it all. Its a lieeeeee! You can have a great career, maintain a home, and still have a social life. You do not have to sacrifice one or the other. I feel like people think that when you get married and have kids you don’t have any more time for friends. Or all of your friends need to be married with children. But that truly isn’t the case. I believe the issue is your naturally progressing in life.

In my opinion no woman should have 3 -4 hours everyday to sit on the phone gossiping with friends about nothing.We are no longer small girls!  Honestly if your doing that your not grinding. Don’t you have a house to be cleaned, food to be cooked, laundry to be folded, a business your managing, work, a party to attend? The list of to do’s goes on and on!

As we get older we naturally do not have as much time as we used to. It might seem like its because of marriage and kids but its not. Even if it wasn’t family something else naturally would have taken up your time. Maybe you would have started a photography business or maybe you would have started traveling more. Either way you would have other things to do! You would pick and chose how you spend your time married or not.

What do you guys feel about this topic? Do you think that you have lost friends after getting married and having kids?  Do you have friends that you’ve lost after marriage? Comment below!


Mrs Ofoegbu


  1. I totally agree! But I do think that the time constraint of a mom/wife is a lot more limited than single women. Nonetheless, as you stated people make time for what they want to make time for. If it’s not children or a husband occupying a woman’s time, it’s something else.


  2. nice piece dear!!


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