Hello Ladies!

Time for gist! Not too long after their one year marriage anniversary Osas and Gbenro’s marriage vows are being challenged ! Talk about embarrassing.

2010 Miss Black USA, Osas has fired back!

The new mum told Genevieve, :
“ Being in the limelight, I hear different things and I wouldn’t be human if some of them didn’t get to me; especially the comments people made about how he is only with me because he wants a green card. That was very hurtful because people don’t understand the love we have for each other. Everybody likes a good life. Who no like better tin? If he is able to get a green card for being with me, then that is a blessing but for people to assume that that is the only reason he is with me is very hurtful.“

SIDE EYE! Who no like better tin? If that was the case nobody would marry for love anymore…. She continued on stating …


“ Gbenro has had different opportunities in his life and he could have made that ‘green card’ happen a long time ago. He always tells me that he had never envisioned himself being in love and in a relationship until he met me. He thought he might just end up having a baby mama. I didn’t ask him to marry me. He asked me to take this journey with him. People can talk all they want.”


Talk about controversy! What are you thoughts. Do you thinks its ok for a wife to help her husband with papers? You never know with these Nigerian men lol. Comment below and share!


Mrs Ofoegbu


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