Hello Ladies!

official-portrait-1174537__180Today I’d like to share with you my mom of the month. Mrs Michelle Obama! She is such an inspiration to women around the globe! As you may or may not know she recently  gave a noteworthy speech at the DNC. This speech really inspired me and made me want to do better for myself. Every time she speaks she always has a new and refreshing message that makes everyone really sit back and think.


Even though she came from a humbles beginning she still managed to become one of the most powerful women in the world! She has a beautiful family, always keeps it classy, and you never hear any scandals about her or her children. That is the type of virtuous woman all of us should strive to become! Hats off to you Mrs. Obama and thank you for always going high! I hope her speech made you feel as inspired as it made me feel.


Mrs Ofoegbu

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