Hey Friends,

One of the most pesky things that can happen is wedding ring rash. I was enjoying my ring for little over a year when suddenly it starting irritating my finger. After searching the net I found a quick solution. The first step to resolving the rash is taking off your ring! Remove your ring and keep it off until the effected skin heals. In the meantime your ring will need a proper cleaning. This can be done at home.

Before you attempt to clean your ring on your own please be sure that none of the stones in your ring are loose. After this make a solution of lemon juice and baking soda. Pour about three tablespoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of baking soda into a small bowl. Then submerge you ring in the mixture for 30 minutes or more.

The mixture should bubble up like this:


After soaking, brush your ring gently with a tooth brush and then rinse. Following that submerge you ring into boiling water. This will remove any dirt that wasn’t removed by the lemon juice baking soda solution. You want to make sure the ring is submerge in the water but not touching the bottom of the pan so that it won’t bounce and get damaged. I achieved this by suspending the ring with a mixing stick, rubber band, and safety pin as shown below:


Let your ring stay in the boiling water for around 15 minutes. After this remove the ring and allow it to sit aside and cool down. Then your ring is good to wear again!

Enjoy! Please comment and share =)


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