Hi Friends!

Today Id like to share with you how I made the personalized banner for my cake table.  I didn’t want to purchase the traditional banner that just stated baby shower so I made my own. This is the final outcome. You can change it to work with your colors, theme, and personal style.


Firstly, I  used the program Pages to make different designs of the letters I needed.  The first step is clicking the shape button. Then you pick the shape you would like to use. You can use circles, squares, stars or whatever you like. After that fill the shape with the color and gradient you would like. After that using the text box place the letter that you would like into the shape. You can make the letters all the same color and design or you can switch it up.


After this print out the different designs you’ve created.


Next, cut out the designs


Then, use a whole puncher to punch holes into the two sides of the shape


Finally use ribbon or sting to connect all the shapes. The finished product will look something like this.


This is how it looked on my cake table.


Hope you enjoyed!




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