Today I’d like to share with you my very first paper flower wall! I enjoyed the process but I don’t believe I will be doing very many more of them. Keep in mind if you plan on making your own the project is time consuming but simple. Also the wall takes up a lot of space. If you live in an apartment or smaller house it might be a hassle to store it afterwords.

On the bright side it is a great addition to any event at a small cost. All together this project was made for around $100. All that was needed was the photo backdrop stand ($35), White Muslin ($15), Card stock paper ($20), Glue gun ($10), and glue sticks ($10). For my flower wall I also added pearls in the center of  some of the flowers. I had these already so that wasn’t added to the cost.

Firstly, I had to learn how to make the individual flowers. This video was very helpful in giving me an idea:

After getting an idea how to make individual flowers I experimented with different flowers of my own. You get better and more confident as you go along.


After I had a few I started arranging them how I would want them to go onto the actual wall to give myself an idea of how many I needed.


After I had many flowers I moved to the floor to get a better view of how  the wall was shaping up.


After this I placed the flowers onto the muslin fabric directly and simply glued them on one by one =)

Then I assembled the photo back drop stand and hung the wall carefully onto it.

This is the finished product!


Here is my version on the left compared to my inspiration on the right.


For the event that I used the backdrop for I placed uplights at the bottom to give it a bit of color. GT9A7025

I kept the wall hanging until the day of the event to ensure that none of the flowers got ruined. In order to transport the wall I removed it from the stand and then carefully rolled it into a burrito. A friend and I then placed it in the back of her truck and transported it to the venue. When we arrived we had to unroll the wall and place it back onto the backdrop stand. If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to comment! I hope you enjoyed



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