Before I entered into the third trimester I always heard horror stories of sleepless nights. For some reason I thought it would never effect me. Boy was I wrong! Im not really sure what causes it but I just can’t seem to fall asleep at night anymore without plenty of effort.

Because of this I find my self sleeping in almost every other day which I can’t stand. It may be a mixture of the excess weight making me feel uncomfortable or baby O kicking and moving around.

I can tell he is much bigger now. In the second trimester when he used to move around it used to feel like little flutters. I used to get so excited and have to really concentrate to feel the movements. Now thats he’s bigger it honestly feels like someone is just constantly kicking or poking me lol. I don’t even really need to count kicks because I’m always so aware of him.

It will feel so strange when I actually deliver him and no longer feel the movements. Gotta enjoy them while I still can. Until then I guess  I will just sleep during the day when he is less active  =)

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